Web AR and VR

  • Web AR and VR has been a hot topic in the industry for years. These new technologies is changing our way to interact with computers and creating an extreme immersive web experience that has never happened before. This project aims to showcase how is the Web AR and VR being used to showcase a product. With the unique technology, users can view the product in 3D and interact with the artificial product through web camera.

  • Web AR and VR
  • This project is created based on A-frame. It is a web framework for building virtual reality (VR) experiences. This project is mainly focused on how Web AR and VR could be leveraged into product showcase scenario, so the object - 3D camera on the website is an open source file from Google Poly.

  • Web AR and VR
  • For the Web VR part, I placed the 3D camera in the prebuilt environment and added some functions like rotating when user open the site as well as a background music to create a more immersive web experience. As for AR part, I placed the object right above the image marker to create an experience that user is holding the object. To make the AR and VR part consistent, I added the rotating function to the AR part as well, so users can have some interaction like clicking the rotate button to make the camera spinning.

  • Web AR and VR
Live Demo
  • Web Development
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • A-frame