Mockup Site

for A Small-scale Business

This is a mockup site created for a fictional web design and development company named Hello World Coder. This kind of website is one of the ideal choices for small-scale business. I implement a lot CSS, jQuery and SVG skills to the site and mainly focused on responsiveness, animations and scroll effects to keep visitors stay longer on the site.

Considering people tend to use phones or tablets more often instead of laptops, I coded this site by using bootstrap to make it responsive. The brand logo is what I created in my school project and it’s a SVG graphic which is high resolution and low weight. I also use animated SVG vectors in the background of the first section to grab user’s attention. I apply several scroll effects in graphics and colors by using jQuery. When scrolling down, the background and social media icon color changes accordingly. The scroll gesture can also occurs parallax effect in the graphics.

  • mockup site
  • mockup site
  • mockup site
Live Demo
  • Web Development
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • SVG